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CodeOwner/Favorite files & directories

Notification add-on enabling to sort out important pull requests from those you don’t need and receive them via e-mail or Slack
This add-on helps sort out important notifications of pull requests’ creation. You’ll get notifications only about files added to your watching list. The notification method: e-mail/Slack.

Atlassian bitbucket provide to receive notification about creating all pull requests. But for huge companies it is not useful. We help to receive notification about changing in really important files for you.

Adding file or folder to you favorite list
Watching your favorite file list
Notification preferences
Notification via slack example
Reviewer recommendation for pull request

Adding file or folder to you favorite list

1. Open source list of you repository
2. Opposite file o folder name click on button with three point
3. Click on menu item Watchers
4. Click on Start Watching 5. Excellent! You add file to you favorite list

Your favorite file list

1. Go to your profile page
2. Open Favorite files tab

Notification preferences

1. Go to your account page
2. Open Favorite file notification tab
3. Choose notification via slack or email

Notification via slack example

When someone create pull request with changing your favorite file you will receive this kind of notification

Reviewer recommendation for pull request

On creating pull request we analyze diff and recommend best suitable reviewers. Who will be recommended depend on git blame command and individual user favorite files.