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Karma for bitbucket

The power of gamification. Reward developers for collaborating and contributing to your projects. This add-on helps to increase developers involvement.

Development process become more gamelike 👾. Top developers rating, karma rating, commit amd pull request likes, thank you medal 🎖️, outstanding developer medals 🏅, Most impressive achievement medals 🥇, best reviewer medal 🎖

View developer karma profile
Awarding great pull requests
Improve individual karma
Awarding commits

View developer karma profile

1. Go to developer profile page
2. Open Karma overview tab Here you can see follow information:
  • Current karma value
  • Total impact (commits, pull requests, review, pull requests approving/declining, leave comments)
  • Total impact by repository
  • Developer medals (thank you medals, best reviewer medals, most impressive achievement medals etc.)
  • Karma history chart

Awarding great pull requests

If you see realy good pull request (refactoring legacy code, impressive solution, solving annoying bugs)
1. Click on top pull request menu
2. Click award pull request menu item 3. Then you can give +1 in developer karma or give «Thank you medal»

Improve individual karma

Also you can make like singe changes. For example if pull request includes a lot of changes and you like exactly one/two changes important for you. Click on thumbs up icon opposite changes.

Awarding commits

You can also have opportunity to thank for excellent commits.
1. Open single commit page
2. Click on Award this commit