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CodeOwner/Favorite files & directories

Notification add-on enabling to sort out important pull requests from those you don’t need and receive them via e-mail or Slack
Tired of getting too many notifications of pull requests’ creation from huge projects? Don’t have time to sort them out?

By using CodeOwner/Favorite files & directories add-on you no longer will have to look through a large overflow of notifications searching for those you really need. With this add-on you can watch only those file changes that you are subscribed to. Just choose files or directories that are important for you and add them to the watching list. This will ensure that you’ll get only those notifications in which your watching list files, directories and packages are mentioned.

You can configure the notification method according to your preferences: receiving messages either via e-mail or Slack.

Known issue

  • FAV-32 Add notification for all pull requests
  • FAV-33 Add notification timeline
  • FAV-41 Skype notification
  • FAV-42 HipChat notification

Karma for bitbucket

The power of gamification. Reward developers for collaborating and contributing to your projects. This add-on helps to increase developers' activity and involvement.

Development process become more gamelike 👾. Top developers rating, karma rating, commit amd pull request likes, thank you medal 🎖️, outstanding developer medals 🏅, Most impressive achievement medals 🥇, best reviewer medal 🎖

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